About Us

Company History

SNT Adventure Brands was founded in 2020 by three outdoor enthusiasts. We went on a mission to provide quality outdoor equipment at reasonable prices for other outdoor enthusiasts. We are constantly expanding the products that we offer, so if you have a brand you would like to see represented on our site, contact us and let us know! 


Who Are Our Product Partners? 

SNT Adventure Brands is a certified reseller of all the products you see displayed on our website. We're always interested in expanding our portfolio of products. If you'd like to partner with us, contact us and let us know. 


Outfitter/Affiliate Partners

We work with outfitters and affiliates in a mutually beneficial relationship that allow increased customers access to our great prices while the outfitters/affiliates receive a percentage of the sales as a result. If you are interested in becoming an outfitter/affiliate, contact us and let us know. You can reach out to us here.