We work with different outfitters to bring you great deals. Contact one of the below outfitters to receive a discount code that will allow you to receive up to 15% off on most of our store! Learn a little about each outfitter below: 


Syncerus Safaris: 

Syncerus Safaris is based in the heart of the South African bushvelds Limpopo province. True African hunting enthusiasts will confirm the quality of game in the Limpopo province. Syncerus caters for seasoned veterans in Africa as well as the first-time hunter in Africa. They also have large untouched areas that is great for birding enthusiasts, photographers and wildlife conservationists. 

Mbuyu Safaris: 

Mbuyu Safaris is a family business owned by H.P. and Wanda Oosthuizen. We both being nature lovers and HP being an avid hunter for the last 30 years decided to share his love for the African bush with people equal in their passion for nature.

At the age of 7 H.P. already took his first “RW” and after many years spent on tracks of numerous animals H.P. become a very experienced Professional Hunter. The sole purpose of Mbuyu Safaris is giving our clients an unbelievable African hunting experience and to welcome them back as friends.


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