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Altera - Women's Wide Brim Hat

Altera - Women's Wide Brim Hat

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The Women's Alpaca Hat can be crushed or folded, tucked away and then popped back into shape when you need it. It has a patented Fast-tab sweet band that easily adjusts for the best fit. It is waterproof and has an adjustable chin strap. This women's hat comes with a sateen ribbon band and wood bead chin strap adjuster.

The Sportsman Alpaca hat is made with a blend of alpaca fiber that is purchased from US farms and merino wool.

Sock Size Men's Women's


3 - 5 4-6
M 5 - 9 6 - 10
L 9 - 12 10 - 13
XL 12 - 14 13 - 15


Moisture Wicking:  Alpaca's hollow core fiber wicks moisture away from feet offering supreme comfort

Thermal Regulation:  Alpaca's superior hollow core fiber insulation is warm in cool weather and cool in warmer weather. This helps regulate body temperature regardless of the weather conditions, even when wet.

Silver Infusion Technology:  Alpaca fiber is blended with yarn infused with precious metals for naturally odor free and antimicrobial comfort 

Hypoallergenic:  Alpaca fiber is free of lanolin, which people can be allergic to, and can be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals in washing.

Soft:  Alpaca fiber is naturally soft to the touch because it is several microns smaller in diameter than wool, giving its silky characteristic.

Flame Resistant:  Alpaca fiber is flame resistant, meeting the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's rigid testing specifications as a Class-1 fiber for use in clothing.

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